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Chocolate wrap waste

Pendant made from Chocolate Wraps. Chocolate as gifts are not only YumMy, after eating them their scraps can be our accessory.

upcycle it jewellery

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German International School – Flea Market 2015

upcycle it umadotc

Upcycle-It today showcased its products for the second time at a Flea Market which was organized by German International School, Palavakkam. It felt wonderful to be a part of the event where like minded fellow artisans can meet and share their creations and exhibit. Upcycle-It had its exhibit and it felt amazing to see the response from people and fellow artistes which included an Arts & Craft suppliers, Mother of two children selling handmade creations, a 4th std kid selling jewelries made by her, a photographer who was selling his fine digital prints and few more. Big thanks to the German International School was organizing such an event and inviting us.  

upcycle it handmade
upcycle it handmade craft
upcycle it handmade craft
upcycle it handmade craft

Upcycle It exhibited products ranging from paper to plastics to bottles to handmade creations to e-wastes to let people know waste is wealth and they are not meant to end in Trash. Upcycle It always thrives to make a change in society by promoting upcycling as the solution to the waste produced by individuals. This Exhibition gave us an oppurtunity to showcase our upcycling products to the audience.

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Upcycled Lamp from Plastic Bottle

We buy a lot of Mineral Bottles and wonder what to do with them. This is one idea how they can be reused and used as Lamp Shades indoor and Outdoor.

Upcycle it Lamp

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Upcycled Pendant from waste

E-waste is one more major waste we produce and some of it are taken care by the recycle providers when it comes to corporate establishments. We still end up with E-Waste at homes and with that also we can make many many good reuse out of them. This is a pendant i made from E-waste wire, i did made matching Ear rings too.


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DIY – Ear Ring

Heyya! Welcome to our first 5 minutes Do it Yourself.You’ll love it!
Here is a step-by-step instructions and photo.

So…who would YOU like to to make one for? Does this idea inspire you to try ?

We’d love to hear from you! Make a comment on this post below. Feel free to also share it with your friends or Gift one by making them.
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Upcycled Ear ring

Upcycled Ear ring from Plastic bottles and Jute


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Kitchen Container


Do you buy these often ? can we reuse them .. This is something we throw after we drink.. They can be of better use ending in kitchen or in any room ..

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Upcycle_It_Bracelet_Headset2 Upcycle_It_Bracelet_Headset3

Bracelet made from old headset ..

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