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Mobile pouch from Old jeans

We all have that one jeans, which will be torn or an old useless jean. We never throw it because we want it so badly in our messed up cupboards. How about making lot of products out of them. Lets start with a mobile pouch.

Step1: Take your useless jeans out of the cupboard

Step2: Fit your mobile with jeans and mark your measurements to cut. cut 2 pieces for inside and out

Step3: Bring your scissors, thread and needle. This all you will need to make that pouch. If you want thickness you will need any thick fabric material or cotton canvas

Step4: Cut the measured jeans material from the jeans to make the pouch – 2 pieces

Step5: Stitch the pouch on the loose ends and leave the mouth open to put our mobile inside. Stitch it with the cotton canvas or any thick material you have in the middle

Step6: Your pouch stage one is ready 

Step7: Add all the decorations, ornaments or blings you want. Get creative :) 

Step8: You can add a strap to it, if you want. Cut the belt part according to your pouch size and stich it 


Your mobile pouch is ready to use …

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Mobile pouch DIY

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Handmade Jute Jewellery

For the love of Jute
Upcycle it chennai

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Chocolate wrap waste

Pendant made from Chocolate Wraps. Chocolate as gifts are not only YumMy, after eating them their scraps can be our accessory.

upcycle it jewellery

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Upcycle sack or Gunny bags

Our Sack can be fashionable too .. Here comes our new upcycling product from Gunny bags …

Unleash your creativity and make more products with them ..

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Fabric Upcycled Jewellery

Fabric Jewellery made from Fabric. Fabric is an amazing material to make Jewelleries and here is one idea


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Upcycled Pendant from waste

E-waste is one more major waste we produce and some of it are taken care by the recycle providers when it comes to corporate establishments. We still end up with E-Waste at homes and with that also we can make many many good reuse out of them. This is a pendant i made from E-waste wire, i did made matching Ear rings too.


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