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Paper Mache Jewellery

Paper Mache Jewellery made from paper waste.


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MetroZone – Green Workshop, Anna Nagar

There is a fast reach among the citizens of Chennai these days as more and more people are taking up green activities. We were recently in the METROZONE apartments for a workshop for kids on sustainability and was surprised to see many kids eagerly waiting to learn crafts and the best part was they were accompanied by parents who were enthusiastically helping their kids during the workshop.

Besides workshop we also conducted quiz’s and games for them to make the experience better. We loved the way kids were working and it was a wonderful experience for Upcycle it. The workshop included products like making box out of paper and plastic. The plastic with which they made the crafts were Mineral water bottles, now they will know how to make better use of them rather than simply throwing it to the trash.

We welcome people to invite us for workshop in your locality too.

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