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Vertical Garden made from Waste

Vertical Garden Video

Gardening can be an interesting hobby come activity. Most people say gardening is addictive once they start setting it up. Yep its true, we at Suseum started setting up our garden and now it has taken a very beautiful shape into a vertical garden. We have set up a beautiful vertical garden with waste bottles with three different models. We dont have to invest lot on pots, we can set up a garden with waste items we have at home. We will provide you the details of how we can set up our Vertical garden.

Step 1: Take a thick plastic bottle with its cap.
Step 2: Make a rectangular hole in the bottom of the plastic bottle on two sides. Make 3 or 4 bottles like that. Make holes in the bottle caps for the water to drip to the plastic bottle below, so the excess water flows down to the below bottle and water is not wasted.
Step 3: Fill the bottles with soil and sow some seeds in them and arrange all the 3 or 4 bottles we have cut, one below another like you see in picture.
Step 4 : At the top place a half cut bottle , this is where we will be pouring water.
Step 5 : Place a half cut plastic bottle at the bottom for the excess water to get stored, so that we can reuse the water and it doesnt spoil your walls.





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Plastic Water Bottle Shed at Kotturpuram Tree Park


Mass production of plastic began only a few decades ago and now we can’t think of a world without plastics. According to The World Economic Forum, plastic production has exploded over the last half-century, growing from 16.5 million tons in 1964 to 343 million tons in 2014; it is projected to double by 2036. Where does all this plastic go when we’re done with it? A million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute and the number will jump another 20% by 2021, creating an environmental crisis some campaigners predict will be as serious as climate change. It is our responsibility to reduce our own carbon footprint from planet Earth.

Chennai, India is no stranger to this where we happened to conduct a workshop on reusing plastic water bottles at the Kotturpuram Tree Park. It is located in a prime urban area and the park was given birth by an organization called Nizhal who developed it from one a wasteland. Today the park is home to around 600 trees and many of them are indigenous to the location. The park is based on a public-private model where the local residents actively involved in volunteering for activities at the park. Nizhal foundation organizes many activities for growth and maintenance of the park, so it was perfect for ‘Upcycle It’ to conduct a workshop at the park since we like our workshops to be community driven. The workshop was conducted yesterday, December 3, 2017.

“We as a society need to consider whether it’s worth trading off some convenience for a clean, healthy environment” – Environmental Researcher

It was organized to build a shed made out of waste plastic water bottles in the park so that it creates awareness to all the visitors. We collected over 700 waste water bottles from a big hotel in Chennai who were glad to reuse their waste plastic water bottles. If wastewater bottles collected from one hotel could contribute to a shed, imagine the number of water bottles we could be collecting from a whole day in various restaurants and hotels in a city. By this way, we could eliminate plastic water bottles thrown away in public places and use for some other purpose.

The volunteers were given required materials to make parts of water bottle shed. There was a lot of enthusiasm among the volunteers who were mostly kids with their parents. Uma who conducted the workshop guided the volunteers to develop the shed made from water bottles.

Excited Uma dotc says

“Volunteers were enthusiastic about building something from waste and curious to find what can be done with it. This is exciting!!!”.

After the shed was completed, she showcased some of her upcycled products made out of waste from our everyday lives. It was a good interactive session where people came up with a lot of ideas. At the end, few of them came forward with the idea of setting up something similar in their homes.We are glad to have created awareness about plastic waste at Kotturpuram Tree Park and our aim is to spread this message and conduct similar workshops in the future. The park aims to grow some climber trees on top of the shed in the future. This is not the only solution and there are other ways to reduce waste too. We hope you start to think about your plastic waste here on.

NOTE: If you happen to live in the area where we conduct our future workshops. Also, if you like to organize a similar workshop in your community, do contact us. We would be more than glad to discuss more

Happy Upcycling!

Email: upcycle@upcycleit.in

Facebook: www.facebook.com/dot.cycle

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Easy 1 Minute DIY – Ear rings from Keyboard ewaste

By generating an astounding 1.85 million tonnes of e-waste annually, India has become the fifth biggest e-waste producing country in the world. When electronics end up in landfills, toxics like lead, mercury, and cadmium enter into the soil and water. The ewaste problem is huge all over the world, more than 20 million tons of e-waste are produced every year.

We as an individual can reduce our carbon footprint by not throwing e-waste into the landfills. We can search for the recycling provider around our locality and give it to them or we can start reusing them in creative ways.

This Easy 1 Minute DIY video will show you how to make ear rings from waste keyboard buttons.


Step 1: If you have an useless keyboard, remove the buttons separate.

Step 2: Take a Hot glue glun and stick your ear ring stud to the keyboard button

Step 3: Tadaaa!!! your ewaste ear ring is ready to use.


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DIY Ear ring from plastic water bottle waste

Plastic waste is a major problem everywhere in the world. We as an individual throw away quite a number of plastic bottles. How about reusing them in a way we would love to. Ladies lets make jewelries out of them. I have made a simple DIY Ear ring from plastic water bottle. All you need is a water bottle, scissor, nail polish, candle,ear ring hooks and some energy. Hope you like my DIY idea.

Watch my below video for DIY steps.

2 minute DIY Video


5 minute DIY video


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Mobile pouch from Old jeans

We all have that one jeans, which will be torn or an old useless jean. We never throw it because we want it so badly in our messed up cupboards. How about making lot of products out of them. Lets start with a mobile pouch.

Step1: Take your useless jeans out of the cupboard

Step2: Fit your mobile with jeans and mark your measurements to cut. cut 2 pieces for inside and out

Step3: Bring your scissors, thread and needle. This all you will need to make that pouch. If you want thickness you will need any thick fabric material or cotton canvas

Step4: Cut the measured jeans material from the jeans to make the pouch – 2 pieces

Step5: Stitch the pouch on the loose ends and leave the mouth open to put our mobile inside. Stitch it with the cotton canvas or any thick material you have in the middle

Step6: Your pouch stage one is ready 

Step7: Add all the decorations, ornaments or blings you want. Get creative :) 

Step8: You can add a strap to it, if you want. Cut the belt part according to your pouch size and stich it 


Your mobile pouch is ready to use …

Hope you liked my Upcycle DIY. Follow my videos on YouTube and do not forget to subscribe 

Mobile pouch DIY

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Toilet Roll Upcycle Idea

Toilet Roll Upcycle Idea done at Office Free time.

We find waste every where around us. Just pause for a second and look around you. I am sure you will find atleast one thing which we wont be using for a long time or something that we would have considered waste and kept it under cup board.

Upcycling is not Magic, Anybody can upcycle anywhere anytime. I am sitting now at my office where i cannot bring any tools to office from home . With available waste materials and tools found at office desk, i have upcycled a Pen Stand from Toilet Roll.

Imagine gifting our colleague something hand made in minutes. Hand made gifts are made with love and care and I am sure this Upcycled Gift could be a Treasure which we didn’t allow to end in landfill hurting environment.

Happy Upcycling!

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Materials Used


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Summer Camp Workshop


Summer Camp Workshop – Childrens center at Sri Rama Chandra Mission, Madambakkam.

We are proud to say this is one of our big workshop conducted for more than 300 kids on plastic waste management. Mission organized it so well that i was requested to conduct a small workshop for volunteers and then we conducted to the kids. Every thing was arranged for kids before hand and they were very much excited to particiate in the hands on workshop conducted by Upcycle it.

This workshop was a part of three day summer camp where our plastic management workshop fall on day 2. We showed 2 videos to kids first video about how beautiful earth is and second video about how we have ruined it with garbage and how its affecting nature and animals. Kids were so touched by the video and with that impact we conducted a hands on workshop on plastic containers upcycled to a planter.

To make upcycling interesting for kids we mixed craft with it. All the plastic containers which we thow were wrapped with Jute and decorated it with Jute, You can see the pictures in our Gallery. We are so happy to conduct workshop and create awareness among kids and adult, if you would like us to conduct a workshop in your kindly let us know.

Happy Upcycling !!

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Jewellery from Waste Plastic Water Bottles

Plastic water bottle waste can be of many uses from containers to decors to accessories. Here is a jewellery made out of them ..

Plastic Upcycle Jewellery

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Chocolate wrap waste

Pendant made from Chocolate Wraps. Chocolate as gifts are not only YumMy, after eating them their scraps can be our accessory.

upcycle it jewellery

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Plastic Milk Cover Waste Upcycle

Plastics has become the most commonly used material in many packaging industries. Its widely used because of its light weight and cost factor. Plastics have become a part of our life and the more we make – the more we use it and the more we discard too. Manufacturers still refuse to avoid plastics and as an end user we buy them without the awareness that they are non-degradable and they harm the environment, oceans and much more.


As an end user we can still be a part of this Green Revolution by upcycling them or reusing them. One way to avoid plastic messing around the environment is by segregating them at our homes and hand it over to the recycling service providers or we can make pretty useful stuffs out of them. Here is a mobile pouch i made with them. Creativity and ideas are limitless and i am sure you all can come up with more interesting ideas with them. Do share your ideas with us by mailing your upcycled product with milk cover to umadotc@gmail.com or share it with us in Facebook

Upcycle It milk cover Pouch


Happy Upcycling


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